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We strive to make your book the very best memory of the event you take part in!

Our proposal involves different books, in which you and your car are in the spotlight; they are all high quality products, meticulously designed to best enhance your photographs. [ Why books? ]

We strongly believe that a book is the best memory of your experience! A beautiful book is an appealing and valuable object, which draws and keeps the attention of your friends. There is nothing like holding a book in your hands. A high quality photo book lasts for decades.

Alternately you can choose a collection of Digital images

Among books, can choose between the Basic Books  and, for the absolute best, the Top Books , which differ in the quality of the edition.

Depending on the contents you prefer, you can choose the Dedicated Books , the  Two-car Books  and our other proposals. [ Show all book contents ]

The Dedicated Book  is for one car, for events lasting two or more days; you can choose either the Top Book  or, the Basic Book .

The Two Cars Book  is for two cars, for events lasting two or more days; you can choose either the Top Book  or, the Basic Book .

The Team Book  is for a group of three or more cars, for any event. It can be tailored upon your requests.

The Race Book  is our the inexpensive proposal, for two or more days events. It is available as Basic Book .

The One Day Race Book  is our proposal for events which take place in a single day, and is available only as Basic Book .

Along with the books we also provide, as files, the images they contain.

All the images in our books are carefully optimized one by one, and each book is composed with a personalised layout; so we kindly ask you to wait for some weeks before receiving the books. You'll get your books at home or wherever you like; delivery times vary, depending on our workload, from 6 to max. 16 weeks.

In order to guarantee a more comprehensive reportage, we suggest to reserve your book during the technical checks at the latest. [ Why? ]

Paying the service before the event will grant you the most comprehensive reportage, the priority on the delivery and a discount on the price. Please, check our sale conditions and refund policy

Reserving the service before and pay them after the event. This will grant you the most comprehensive reportage.

We also offer image files, as well as prints on different materials.

For more details click on the menu on the left. Tap the top-left menu icon and select an item to get more details.

Any book can be personalised with the addition of text, trademarks or logos of your choiche, for instance the sponsors' logo.

2 formats

A One Day Race Book  (Basic , normal format), a Dedicated Book  (Top , A4 format), another Dedicated Book  (Basic , large format), a third Dedicated Book  (Top, A3 format), and an image files CD for a six-car Team Book .