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Basic Books  feature high quality matte paper and the very durable perfect binding. [ More details ]

Basic Books  are printed at 300 dpi on 148 g/sqm matte paper.

The Team Book  is intended for three or more cars, whether it is a group of friends or a motor sport team.

They can be highly personalised to meet the client's requirements: not only the number of pages can be defined but, for instance, can get a photographer follow the team before and/or during the race. We usually set up a version of the book for each car, with the car on the cover and on the back cover; the inside of the book is identical, showing a balanced presence of each car.

The books are available in different formats. The most used are: normal, 25 x 20 cm (10" x 8") and large, 33 x 28 cm (13" x 17").

Basic large

Basic Book, large.

Digital files will be provided, either for download on our website or as a CD or DVD.