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Basic Books  feature high quality matte paper and very durable perfect binding. [ More details ]

Basic Books  are printed at 300 dpi on 148 g/sqm matte paper.

The Two Cars Book  is the best solution if you share your experience with friends on another car.

We set up two versions of the book, each with a different car on the cover and on the back cover. Inside, the two books are identical or may have a bit of personalisation, showing a balanced presence of each car.

For four-day events, like the 1000 Miglia, each Two Cars Book - Basic  features at least 44 pages. [ More events ]

For three-day events, like the Gran Premio Nuvolari Dedicated Books  feature at least 38 pages. For two-day events, the minimum is 26 pages

You can choose between two horizontal formats: normal, 25 x 20 cm (10" x 8") and large, 33 x 28 cm (13" x 17").

Basic large

Basic Book, large.

All the high-resolution images will be available for download on our website with each Basic Book.