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You can buy your image files in advance at a discounted price or after the event at full price. Please, check our sale conditions and refund policy

For four-day events, like the 1000 Miglia, we deliver images from at least 40 different views for each car. As views, we mean images taken in different places or with different backgrounds

All our digital images are otpimized one by one for colors and light. That is why we ask you to be patient for one to three weeks before receiving them.

The image files will be made available via a gallery on this website, or via a provider of large files deliveries; the download address will be emailed to you. Upon request, we can mail a DVD with the image files. Please contact us if you are interested.

The resolution of the files usually is between 8MP and 18MP, which are enough for best quality 20x30 to 30x45 cm (8x12" to 12x18") prints or high quality 40x60 to 60x90 cm (16x24" to 24x35") prints